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Info somatics

Info somatics – a system by which it is possible to organize, rehabilitate human physiology (health), emotions quickly and efficiently.

Info somatics is a system built on the basis of achievements of modern science – biology, medicine, psychology and ancient esoteric practices, occult knowledge. It is a kind of knowledge synthesis that goes hand in hand with time. The current life cycle is so fast and tends to accelerate that at the moment we cannot afford to be in a destructive state for long and to use old treatment methods that do not always give an effect even in the long run. Environmental parameters have changed and old systems often turn out to be ineffective.

Info somatics is based on the knowledge of the structure of the human brain and its leading role in communication with fine energetic bodies with a physical body at the level of atoms, electrons, and the link of a bio-robot, a human being, with the highest plans, forces. A person is such a unique "machine" that only high intelligence can produce. Our competence is to renew and improve the work capacity of this machine, which is also our goal to a large extent, while we are standing on the planet's coordinates. The human physical body is in close contact with the delicate body, the ethereal body and the spirit of the "I" or the center of consciousness, the immortal component.

On earth, all matter is subject to information, thought. For all material manifestations, physical body is always initially an intention, a thought, information and only then a physical body, thing or phenomenon.

Info somatics uses the information as the main tool for working with human health; all manipulations take place at the information level through human information processing centers in the brain, in other words, on a bio-robot computer.

The main principle of info somatics is the identification of inaccurate information and the updating of the correct information on this "computer", further, human heals himself on the basis of the Nature program, which is embedded in every living entity, from a small, single-body organism to a human being. This self-regeneration program starts when it is not interrupted by information, physically. Informatively – if a person knows this law of nature, assumes responsibility for his or her health, does not transfer responsibility for his or her health to the shoulders of the medical staff.

It is important not to interfere with the body to turn on the self-healing function, for example, to avoid contaminating the body with medicine. Medication as a chemical affects a specific organ or tissue group, localize the symptoms of the disease, removes the pain, but does not remove aspects that cause pain and disease. As a result, the disease appears again in another place, in another organ. Doctors call this phenomenon a "traveling" disease.

An ideology is a huge part of human health and quality of life. Ideology – basic postulates, upon which a person lives – it is a set of information programs, a prism through which a person makes decisions and acts. Ideology comes from many aspects; it is made of the opinion of the majority of society, mass media, TV, all kinds of informative sources, art, sports, partly from genetics – how was it done by parents, grandparents – and from personality. Religion is also included in ideology. A slight change in ideology (informative component) can significantly improve health and well-being.

Very often the causes of various diseases are energetic or energy-informative disorders. These disturbances may result from misleading thoughts or actions of people or misleading manifestations of other people. Info somatics is oriented towards the disclosure of such destruction in human informatics (thought room) and correction.

With the help of info somatics, it is possible to determine the time when a destructive program has been triggered, thus, certain situations will be illuminated, and this enables to re-program the human mind and to harmonize it, to revitalize the physical body, on an informative level. Changes in physical body can be felt in about 10 to 15 minutes.

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